Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just like God

An amazing thing happened that I have not told you about, while we were attending the chaplaincy class last week.

While we were discussing ministering to people in crisis, I remembered someone handing me a note with a scripture written on it, after my husband committed suicide in 1995.  I could not, for the life of me, remember where the scripture was located in the Bible.

However, Tuesday morning, instructor Will Bearden, wrote several scripture verses on the white board and asked for volunteers to read them out loud.  I volunteered for the third verse on the list:  Isaiah 54:4 & 5.

How surprised and thrilled I was when I opened my Bible to find that Isaiah 54:4 & 5 were the verses that I remembered being a tremendous comfort and encouragement to me during a time of crises in my life.

Isn't that just like God?  I was so blessed that, of course, I shared with the class that this was the very verse that I had been looking for but couldn't find.  I truly felt like God just said to me, "I sure do love you, LaVon, and I care about everything that's important to you."

Just had to share that blessed moment with you.  This is Baker's Blessings, after all.

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