Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday night

We thought that Dino was going to be at a local church tonight so we drove over just to find and empty parking lot and a sign on the marquee that says "Dino Concert, 6:00 PM, Oct. 26." So we got a Braum's burger and then came back home.  So, I checked his website and sure enough, he's scheduled to be at the First Southern Baptist Church here tomorrow night.  Years ago, back before my niece was married and lived in Chattanooga, she and I went to see Dino Kartsonakis (very Greek) in a concert at a church there.  Somewhere I have a picture of Tammy and Dino.  I'm looking forward to hearing him play again, in person.

I'm in the process of preparing the bulletin and the music for church in the morning.  I have no music for "Standing on the Promises" and "He Keeps Me Singing" so we will sing them "a capella."  I tried to purchase them from iTunes and had no success... grrrr.

To all our praying friends, you know we need your prayers, always... for us, for the folks here at this park. One young man told me yesterday, when I asked him if he was staying warm in his tent, that he was indeed staying warm in his Field & Stream tent.  However, last Wednesday, when it rained all day, he also decided to take a nap (it was his day off) so he put his laptop in a plastic bag and went to sleep.  When he awoke, there was four inches of water in his tent and his laptop was ruined.  I felt so bad for him.  He also told me that someone had given him a small electric heater, so... I'm a little concerned about how the water and the electric heater are going to get along... praying the two don't meet with him in the middle.  You know, this park is full and each person here has a story.  There's the 80+ year old that's had bronchitis for days and can barely walk, but he needs to work.  There's the couple whose son died recently.  There's the Retired Navy Corpsman who has such a servant's heart and has volunteered to go with Don to visit anyone that's sick or in the hospital.  And the list goes on.  We so appreciate your prayers for these people and our desire to be used by God in their lives.  Thank you so much.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our good friend, Debbie, in Montana... formerly from Norman, Oklahoma.  Have a great day, Deb.

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