Friday, October 3, 2008

A few pictures, etc.

Friday morning fog in Coffeyville, Kansas. 100_7960 The GM plant in OKC... now closed.100_7990There's a story behind this picture.  When I was in high school (1960's), my parents went to an estate sale.  Mama bought this picture which had been stored for many years between and the edges were crumbling.  So Mama tenderly trimmed away the edges leaving as much of the gold border as she could.  Then she preserved the picture with decoupage onto this board that we antiqued.  It's really a beautiful old picture.  I wish I knew how old it is.  It's now back at mama's.  Just for Sharon and Elizabeth.100_8007The beautiful blue sky through the pecan trees beside our house.100_8022We left for Norman on Friday, returned on Monday to find this hay field had been freshly baled.  Same field in the first picture with fog.100_8023Our home at Walter Johnson Park, Coffeyville, Kansas.100_8024Baseball park across the parking lot from our house.  Maybe we will get to watch a baseball game or two.100_8025The Walter Johnson monument.100_8026

Close-ups of Walter Johnson monument. 100_8028 100_8029

Part of the fair grounds that is part of the park where we are parked.100_8032  100_8033 Corky is our next door neighbor out our door. 100_8034Corky's house buddy.100_8036There is an abundance of pets among the RV'ers here.100_8039 100_8042Pam & Terry, neighbors behind us.100_8043A step back in time.     100_8059The truck is older than the gas prices... I remember gas I this price and I'm not as old as this truck.100_8060You can sure see some bizarre things on the side streets of Small Town, USA.  This strange fireplace happens to be in Dearing, Kansas. 100_8061 Picture taken out our dining area window... squirrel with breakfast.  They also use the top of our 5er for a race track.100_8064 The weather has been beautiful here with temps in the 70's and 80's.  The people are the typical, friendly RV'ers.  There's not a lot to do here in Coffeyville, Kansas.  However, the Dalton Gang demise is due to be re-enacted here tomorrow.  And we hear that the Coffeyville Community College athletic teams are pretty salty.

We are only an hour away from daughter, Stephanie, and family.  Last night we rode over to watch young Logan make 7 of the 8 touchdowns his team scored in two games.  100_8067We're glad that it's flag football.  He's only 5, after all.  However, there was still plenty of tackling going on.  They're boys, after all.100_8068 Warm up stretches.100_8070And the game is under way.  The only touchdown not made by Logan was a play designed by Coach Vaughan whereby the quarterback, Logan, receives the ball from the center and then sneaks it back around to the center and he takes off through the middle ... for happy valley.  100_8071Willie, our other neighbor, who is an adopted Shepherd-Lab mix. 100_8074Willie with her "daddy," Doug.100_8073 Mark Kays, Express Pros, brought the checks by this morning for me to distribute.  I am not at the warehouse, but I do distribute the mail and the checks here in the park to the workampers.  I'm really getting to meet a lot of the RV'ers this way... and their pets.  Here's Don and Mark chatting this morning.100_8076  This just about gets me all caught up.  Oh, yes.... there is a Wal-Mart here.

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