Friday, October 24, 2008

Payday Fun

Today, being Friday, is payday for all the workampers and guess who has all the checks?  Yep... Yours truly. 

The checks arrived this morning around 8:30 and we begin to get ready for our guests. 

We started our day with our devotional and prayer time, praying that God would use this time for us to have a favorable time with the workampers, getting to know them, encouraging them and inviting them to church Sunday morning. 

Yesterday, I prepared a 1/3 page flyer-type invitation to be handed out with the checks enabling everyone in the park to know about church and know that they are welcome to come and worship.  OK, so I got the house ready, lit a grandma's-apple-pie-scented candle that our wonderful friends, Linda & Ray Poyer, gave us while we were in Branson.  Don had the fireplace going, so it was nice and cozy in our  home.  I, also made ready the employee 'sign-here-for-your-check' sheet that Express Pros requires. 

As the aroma of the scented candle begin to fill the house really good, Don had the great idea to serve hot spiced apple cider to anyone who wanted it as they came to pick up their checks.. starting at 9:00 AM.  So, off Don went to the grocery store about three blocks away to purchase apple juice and Red Hots.  That's right... two quarts of apple juice or cider and 1/4 cup of Red Hots heated to steaming makes a really yummy cup of hot cider.  We kept it nice and hot all day in the crock pot and served in styrofoam cups that they could take with them.  Since it was a really chilly day today, the hot cider hit the spot and was enjoyed by almost everyone who came in for their checks. 

The really fun part was that, usually, if no one else was here when a workamper came to pick up their check, they would sit in the handy rocker-recliner, enjoy their hot cider and fireplace, and visit with us.  Today was the most interaction we have had with the workers and it was great!  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the people a little better today and we know that God was with us and answered our prayer of this morning.

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Tammy said...

Reading this just makes me want to sit in front of your fireplace with a cup of cider! Oh, and I could pick up a check, too!!