Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where I grew up…

1972 - Home 1955--1967 - CopyThis is how my home looked when I left home in 1968.  We didn’t have snow every winter in Navarro County, Texas, but when we did, we enjoyed it.

1972 - Home 1955-1967 (2) - CopyThis is Highway 22 in front of our home, looking west… the route I took every day going to school at Blooming Grove.1983Mama loved working in her yard and flower beds.  When we first moved to my step-dad’s place in 1955, there was barely a tree or shrub on the place.1989 Jun 8 - Home after I left home.

Barry, Texas home, where I grew up.The drive-way was entered on the east side and made a horseshoe around the back and the exit was through the garage on the west side.Barry, Texas homeThe garage, my bedroom and bathroom and the breezeway were added after we moved there.  Mama laid the brick floor and steps into the house and she did a beautiful job.  There was nothing my Mama couldn’t do.  She lived in this home for thirty-nine years.

The house sat on about sixty acres where we raised cows and we usually had two or three horses, which I enjoyed immensely.

On this, the first Mother’s Day I have ever experienced without my Mama being within a phone call’s distance, it’s pleasant to remember where most of my childhood memories were made and how much I loved and respected my Mama.

She was an amazingly devoted Christian, creative housewife and loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Thank you for praying for me, Mama.

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