Saturday, May 12, 2012

Too late for the Derby

There has been a hat in my life since 1998.

Actually, there were two hats.  Mama and I were going to a

Mother/Daughter Tea

May 11, 1998

at her church and the theme was hats.  The hats were going to be judged and awarded first, second and third prizes.  Mama and I bought identical hats.  I decorated mine with artificial flowers and Bible verses printed on little colored cards.  Mama Trudy decorated her hat with flowers and lace that she had crocheted herself.

Mama Trudy’s hat was more than a “one and done” hat…2001 - Lydia and Mama Trudy's hat

On April 20, 2012, as we were going through Mama Trudy’s “treasures,” we found a picture documenting that Mother/Daughter Tea.  My niece, Tammy, ran to get the hat that was displayed in Mama’s sewing room.2012 Apr 20 - Jon & MT hat1998 May 11 - Documentation of hat contest winners1998 May 11 - A Mother's Day Tea - LaVon (2nd place hat) & Mama Trudy (3rd place hat)I don’t remember the particulars, but1920 everyone in attendance had been asked to bring a baby picture of themselves.  As I recall, we had a guessing contest.  In the picture above, I am holding a baby picture of Mama Trudy:

But back to the hat….2012 Apr 20 - Jonny wearing hat

2012 Apr 20 - Jonny & Mama Trudy's hat

It just “him,” isn’t it?!

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