Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mama Trudy treasures

My niece, Tammy, immediately saw a use for my daddy’s old military trunk, so they wrapped it up really good and shipped it to her home in Washington where she is using it to organize a little clutter in her Creative Space.  I see Daddy Bill smiling to be a part of Tammy’s life.image

Right off, Tammy wanted this chair that Mama has had for years.  I remember when Mama recovered reupholstered and refinished it, so when Tammy wondered how she could ship it to Washington, I knew the solution because I had watched Mama take it apart.  It shipped perfectly, in pieces.  The scarf draped over it was also Mama Trudy’s.  Tammy is happy with…image”The perfect piano teacher’s chair.”

Mama Trudy would be so pleased.  She loved to listen to Tammy play the piano.

Aunt LaVon is smiling with a full heart, also.

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Trudy's treasures put to good use!