Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poem from May 20, 1971

My scrapbooking niece, Tammy, found a hand-written poem by Mama Trudy written for me in 1971 for my birthday.  Tammy created a beautiful layout page for me.  Thanks, Tammy!  I treasure this poem.image

It was May 20th, 1949
When the Lord sent you to this world to be mine.
How well I remember that Friday night
When I first saw you. Such a precious sight.

8 lbs. 13 ounces, not very petite,
But you looked like a doll and oh so sweet.
Almost grown, some said, with a smile,
But you were everything I could wish for in a little child.

I had always longed for this baby girl,
(bald headed as you could be)
Though you never had a natural curl,
You were the sweetest in all the world.
Our home was complete, no doubt to me.

The days came and passed
And you grew so very fast.
So cunning with those big brown eyes and pleasant smile,
You captured attention in your own style.

Often a little imp you were,
And a little clown at times, too.
Then you called upon the Lord in prayer
To save your soul and make you new.

No, you were not perfect, by any means,
But upon the Lord you would learn to lean,
As on through life you would go.
Your mother prayed: who loves you so.

Yes, we've had our differences, heartaches, and sorrow,
But praise be unto God, we look forward to tomorrow.
Forgetting those things that are in the past
And using them for stepping stones for good that will last.

For you to live for the Lord is my desire,
And grow in His Sweet Grace.
And of reading His word you will never tire,
You can win, if you faithfully run the race.

To my grown-up baby girl...
Bountiful happiness, peace and joy this 20th day of May.
To my only daughter in the world...
May the Lord continually bless you today and every day, I pray.

Sincerely, from your mother who loves you dearly.

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