Friday, May 11, 2012

Post rain walk in the park

Good friend and camp worker, Jim, is taking advantage of “no rain, yet, today.”  Jim and Shirley do a great job of keeping the park neatly manicured.100_0466

Water is standing in all the low places and holes around the park.  This is a welcome sight after the horrible drought this area has been through.100_0467

This is a white horse.  Honest.  She had herself a good old time rolling in the red mud!  I know what she wants!  She wants to be a Paint Horse!100_0470

The park has a new sign with a digital marquee that now one knows how to program. Guess the sign man will be coming back soon.100_0472

The pecan orchard looks so green.100_0475

After the rain, the creek is really muddy, but it will soon clear up.100_0483

The pool has been covered all winter, so how in the world does it get like this?  They’re getting ready to clean, paint and fill it with water as soon as the creek is running clear again.  They fill the pool with water from the creek.100_0485

Looking down at the creek, I could see how high up the water had been last night.100_0488

Since last summer, the chapel really needs a coat of paint.100_0492

The sludge came way up on the bank.100_0493

The ducks were enjoying the water today.100_0495

Do you remember the fire pit from last summer?  It was at least twenty feet from the edge of the water.  Yes, that’s it in the water… that round rock thing that looks like a well.100_0498

These are a views of the back of the chapel.100_0504100_0505

Just some random scenes around the park.100_0510100_0512

This picture begs the question… when you come to the fork in the road, will you take the path to the chapel?100_0514

The Q is all parked in our site for a month.100_0516 2012 May 11 - the Q at JCRV100_0517 2012 May 11 - the Q at JCRV

The rain and the cool temperatures have been wonderful and we sure are enjoying the rest and relaxation this park provides.

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