Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beloved, love one another…

In this day of internet correspondence, I am totally amazed at the number of cards we have received via snail mail while we were with Mama in Georgia. We were so grateful and so encouraged by each one.

Yesterday, the snail mail, and outpouring of love, to our permanent address finally caught up with us and the timing was perfect for my grieving process. 100_0445 The box of mail was packed full of birthday cards (for Don), anniversary cards (for us) and sympathy cards.  As I read each one to Don, the tears flowed and it was very healing for me.  Thoughts of Mama Trudy are always good for me.  I understand now that one can never really disconnect from their mother, even though some may want to, it's simply not possible, and this is a great comfort to me.  I, for one, never want to be disconnected from the memory of Mama.   And I’m not talking about “cutting the cord.”  I’m talking about the emotional connection of love and honor for the person that brought me into the world.  I made a choice long ago that regardless of what my relationship with Mama was like at different stages of our lives, I would be obedient to God’s Word and love, honor and respect my mother.  She was my greatest example of grace.  Admittedly, there were only a few times that required me to return that grace to her, but she was human and I chose to overlook and extend grace because I loved her and no temporary infraction came close to causing me to want to sever my relationship with her.  Relationships are what life is made of… my relationship with Jesus Christ, family and friends.

But I digress..

The verses and personal notes in the cards received were encouraging.  Love and compassion is a powerful gift from God.  One sweet, sweet friend who lives her life through music, sent me a copy of a song right out of a song book. I had never heard the song before.  It's beautiful. scan0001  Another precious couple sent me four books on grieving from the Stephen Ministries that are wonderful and so helpful and Don and I will use them in our ministry, as well, I am quite sure. Thank you, John & Karin Williams.  I have started reading the first one and it’s very good.100_0446

If you have lost a loved one, I encourage you to check out this website and even order the 4 small booklets.

Please, dear friends and family, allow this post to serve as our sincere appreciation to each of you who have sent condolences and encouragement.  We cherish each thought and are sustained by each prayer.  God bless each and everyone of you.

We are so blessed.

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