Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother’s Day Sunday

Jim and Shirley arrived to chapel early and Shirley was visiting with Don while waiting on others to greet at the door.  Jim is standing just outside the door.100_0519 2012 May 13 - Don & Shirley Hibbitts

It’s Mother’s Day and we pray that all our Mama friends have a wonderful day.

Don completed his sermon a little early, so we rode around the area a little before going to church in Ingram.

This the Guadalupe River where it runs beside Ingram.The Guadalupe River by Hwy 36 in IngramThe Guadalupe River100_0523100_0524100_0525100_0529Crossing the Guadalupe River

Looks like we’re in a boat, doesn’t it?  Actually, we’re parked on the dam over the culvert where the water is flowing out.100_0532

CityWest Church, Ingram, Texas.  Pastor Chris Dahse is an excellent Bible teacher and always brings the listener right back to Jesus Christ.CityWest Church (formerly FBC Ingram)

I was thrilled to get to see Ms. Etta Short again.  She always makes me feel so loved and she was surprised to see us, too. This dear saint is 96 years old.  Isn’t she beautiful?!Etta Short (96)  Love this lady

Ms. Etta made Don promise to take me to lunch after church, which wasn’t a stretch for him… he was planning to anyway.  We love the Chili’s Restaurant here because it’s right by the river.  Today, we dined out on the patio so we could enjoy the view.IMG_0253

My Mother’s Day picture.  I look a little sad because I’m not with my girls and my grandkids.IMG_0254

Thankfully, their was a little girl next to our table who caught my eye.  She was so cute and kept waving and smiling at me.  Maybe little children can tell when you need to be cheered up. IMG_0255

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