Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some of our new friends left this morning.

Susan, Libby, and Lynette are waiting for Don & Phil to park Libby’s 5th wheel in storage.  We watched them for a bit and then Don headed to see if he could help them.

We met this group last summer and Libby’s husband, Mike, was with them.  We were shocked to hear that he had a fatal heart attack in January. Libby is doing good.  They are all wonderful folks.100_0879

Susan’s Don was hilarious.  When he saw my Don walking up to Libby’s truck, he jumped out and said, “Our savior’s here!”  It didn’t bother him at all to let another man back that trailer into it’s slot.

Susan, Don, Susan’s Don, Lynette’s Phil and Lynette.100_0880

Don and Phil.100_0881

After praying with them for travel safety, we left to let them finish getting ready to go.

A little past twelve, we have visitors bringing us some Axis deer frozen meat.  They carried in that side pocket all the way from Bandera.100_0882

We met John & Janet last week at Kris’s birthday party.  Now we have two more friends to add to our list of “Harley friends.”100_0883

We took John and Janet to the River Café for a hamburger and homemade potato (white & sweet) chips.  We visited sitting around the café table for almost two hours.  We love meeting new friends!

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joelfloto@yahoo.com said...

Always nice to make new friends but even nicer to see them again!