Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alamo to Johnson Creek RV Park

9:04 AM – Repaired, washed, waxed and ready to roll.(And get bugs all over the front of the Q!)Ready to roll!!

Leaving Alamo Rec Veh RV Park.Leaving Alamo Rec Veh

10:16 AM – Detained at the Border Patrol checking station because a tractor trailer was being unloaded checking for something illegal.  Two canine were employed.100_0357

The officer asked us, with a smile, if we had anyone riding in the trailer.  Don said, “I hope not.”  With a wave, “Have a nice day, sir.”100_0358

10:45 AM - I almost missed this barn with the flag painted on the side.100_0359

Lunch-thirty - We stopped at the DQ in Jourdonton for a bite to eat.

2:40 PM – Topped our first hill in the Texas Hill Country!Entering the Texas Hill Country on US 173 at 2:40 pm May 1, 2012100_0361

2:57 PM – passed through Bandera, Texas.  Beautiful old courthouse located on the square, right on Texas 173 highway.Bandera, Texas

3:01 PM -  Kerrville is only thirty minutes away!100_0364

3:08 PM – Yes, we are in the Hill Country.  If I had that view, I’d want a house with lots of windows, too!100_0365

3:22 PM – Crossed the Guadalupe River in Kerrville, Texas.100_0367

3:34 PM – Arrived at Johnson Creek RV Park!  Time for peace and quiet and rest and restoration.  Thank You, God, for bringing us safely here.

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