Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

This is where Don spent the night.  Notice that I didn’t say where he slept last night.  He had breathing treatments during the night, so he did get some sleep, even though it was interrupted.  But that’s expected in a hospital.100_4811

Poor baby looks a little sad, standing longingly at the window, wishing he was outside and out of the hospital.100_4812

Early this morning, the cardiologist arrived, bounding in the door.  Don had told me that he was young and energetic.  I liked him and I liked that he signed off for Don to be released.  He came bearing good news of the echo-cardiogram that had just been done on Don’s heart:  Don’s heart is now functioning at 40%-45%!  Even though that is not 100%, it is stronger than it has been since the beginning of his heart problems.  Praise God!

We waited until 6:00 PM for the other doctor to show up and sign Don’s release.  Dennis and Jack broke the monotony with their visit midday.  And of course, techs and nurses came through the door on a regular basis. 

Don asked me if I wanted a puff on his peace pipe.  He never loses his sense of humor and I love him for that.100_4814

The doctor prescribed antibiotics for the bronchitis and called the H.E.B. pharmacy since the VA pharmacy was already closed.  The VA advocate had told us that they have a contract with HEB for patients who need meds after closing hours.  So after Don’s release, we happily made our way to a very crowded HEB parking lot and even more crowded store, only to be told that HEB doesn’t fill prescriptions for the VA any more… not since July.  Wonder why they didn’t tell the nurse who called Don’s prescription in?  And we wonder why the VA isn’t aware of this break in service.  Well, we are praying that Don doesn’t have a relapse before we can get his prescription filled at the VA pharmacy.

We are very thankful to be back at the Q and very thankful that Don feels so much better.  Even though this was a surprise hospitalization, we are glad to get the tests done that should be done every two years or so.  We are also grateful for the good care he received.

God isn’t finished with Don yet and I am so happy for that!!!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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We didn't realize Don had been in the hospital. Glad that Dennis was there to help you out. Praise God that Don is doing better.