Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Tuesday veggie vendor

On my way to the laundry this morning, I passed a fruit and veggie “wagon” parked just inside the front gate.  I didn’t stop but it looked like the veggie vendor had a really nice variety.  Someone in the laundry said the pineapples were outstanding and that the vendor comes to Tip every Tuesday from 9:30-12:00 noon.  Immediately I called Don and he walked up to check it out. 

When I got back to the Q, Don had hot tortilla soup, chicken salad sandwiches and fruit salad ready for lunch.  Makes me love laundry day.  I already love my man.

Don said the vendor had a pineapple peeler/corer and peeled and cored the pineapple he bought right there.  Just about the best pineapple I’ve ever eaten.  Of course, I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it sure is sweet and juicy.

I think I will start a “score card” for windy and not-so-windy days.  Describing Windy Day as being so windy you don’t want to go outside.

Windy days-5; Not-so-windy days-6

Today is a Windy Day.

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