Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday is here

We had 169 in church this morning.  A few more folks have arrived in the park for the season.  We were told that there were people in church this morning who haven’t been to church in years.  Praise the Lord!!!

After church, we visited a lady who recently lost her husband and has been through a lot since.  She was in a bad car wreck and now has to have surgery on her arm.  We hope we can help her as she struggles through the grieving process.  She sure misses her husband and best friend.

This afternoon, I rode my bike to get water… took me several trips as I can only carry one gallon at a time in my bike basket, but that’s ok.  It’s good exercise.  On my last trip, I stopped by to visit with Carolyn and Sadie-Sadie.  We sure have a good time together.  She’s going through the “good grief” also.  I love it when she finds things to laugh about… it’s good for the soul and healing.  You may think it’s odd that I referred to grief as good, but that’s actually the name of a book by Granger E. Westberg that Carolyn’s daughter sent her last week after she had a particularly “bad” day.  I’m going to read it.

Well, we’re happy that the Cowboys have now won two games in a row since Jason Garrett took over as their head coach.

We’re much happier about what God is doing in this park. 

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Joel and Linda said...

I will have to say that there are a lot more people attending the services there than the services in Coffeyville!!! God Bless...