Friday, November 12, 2010

Date Day Friday

Don and I had a wonderful day together today.  It was the first time we have been back to South Padre Island since our honeymoon four and a half years ago.

The day started out with a few clouds and a very few spits of rain and a slight breeze.100_4452

This antique was cruising down the highway at about 65 miles per hour.  Don decided it has been modified.100_4455

This album contains pictures I took from the Pier 19 area where we ate lunch. 

Today was a great day for flying a kite and there were many kite flyers, but the area was locked so we couldn’t get close.a good day for flying a kite 100_4509

The next album contains pictures taken while we were on the beach.

I found a perfect sand dollar on the beach with sea weed still attached.  It was the only sand dollar we saw. 100_4670

There is a new Bird Center on South Padre that was opened in 2009.  100_4652 We spent over an hour here on the mile plus board walks. The guide told us of all the plants, birds, butterflies, fish, turtles, and alligators in this natural preserve.  We never saw an alligator, but Don loved the “shell crabs” and I loved the falcon having dinner100_4562100_4570100_4581100_4614100_4588100_4646100_4647100_4648

From the boardwalk, I also took a picture of our honeymoon hotel across the street.100_4651

The sun was getting low, so we decided we should start on the 70 miles trip back to the Q.  Took this going-down-the-street picture as we were leaving.100_4660

A couple of views of S.P.I across the Laguna Madre from the Highway 100 bridge: 100_4661 100_4663

We learned today that the Laguna Madre is not very deep and thus the water is more salty than the Gulf of Mexico.

We didn’t make it home before the sun set (had to check out a DQ on the way), but we did get back before dark. I entertained myself on the way home taking pictures of the red sunset.100_4666100_4673100_4679100_4683100_4695

Thank you, God, for the glory of your creation and thank you, Don, for a wonderful “date day.”

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