Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A first for me.

Our street, Lakes Trail, where we live this winter.100_4806

We met with Carolyn and the park managers this morning to plan the chapel garden re-vamp.  The sun dial is a pretty fixture in the garden.100_4807

A new sign is going to be made.  This one can hardly be read.100_4808

Carolyn will be doing a lot of the flower planting and she is also footing the bill for the new plants that will be going in.100_4809

Carolyn and Joan.  Like your t-shirt, Carolyn!! 100_4810

Don headed off to the VA Clinic this morning, thinking he would probably only fill out paper work and get an appointment to see a doctor.  I stayed at the Q to work on an article for the park monthly newsletter as follows: 

Are you in a place and time in your life where a situation, circumstance or person seems to overwhelm you and you feel too small to fight. Always remember that Goliath was a giant. And you know what happened to him when he made the mistake of challenging God's people. Who did God use to defeat the giant? A young, insignificant boy. But David wasn't little in his faith and he knew Who was with him. God was faithful to David and His people. (I Samuel 17) If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior and made Him Lord and Master of your life, He will be faithful to you in your “battle,” just like He was to David.

There are many struggles that come with being a Child of the King, but there are more promises and advantages. Our Father fights for us and never forsakes us. The battle is the Lord's. (I Samuel 17:47)

Blessed be the name of the LORD!

And I had no sooner finished when my phone rang and it was Don tell me that they were taking him to the McAllen Heart Hospital.  They wouldn’t even allow him to drive the three blocks from the VA Clinic to the hospital! WHY? For heaven’s sake???  Overkill precaution.  When he told them, as a heart patient, that he was dizzy and feeling like he would pass out at times, they immediately said, “You’re going into the hospital for tests.”  He told me to call Dennis and ask him to bring me to the hospital.  Well, I hung up and prayed, “Father, Goliath is knocking at my door.  I am new at this but I trust You… this is Your battle.”

I’m so grateful to Dennis for coming and for his knowledge of the hospitals in this area.  He made me feel much better about the care Don would receive.  We retrieved our pickup from the VA clinic parking lot and then we headed to the MHH ER.  They were running a test and I had to wait a few minutes, then I was allowed to be with Don.  They did blood work and x-rayed his lungs and found no pneumonia.  Praise God.  We saw the ER doctor and the internal medicine doctor.  Both said his heart looked good.  No heart attack.  Praise God.

We had to wait until 7:00 PM for a room as they want to do an echo-cardiogram in the morning.  Around 9:00 PM, Don insisted that I go home and get a good nights rest… I hope I can without him being home.  The cardiologist still had not been in to seem him and he figured he would see him in the morning, so I reluctantly came back to the Q.  At 10:15 PM, Don called and said the cardiologist had just left!  Poor guy must not have much of a family life.  Anyway, he said Don has bronchitis and started him on an antibiotic drip and breathing treats throughout the night.  Praise God for a diagnosis that is treatable!  The doctor indicated that Don will probably get to go home tomorrow.  Yeah!

As the title reflects, this is a first for me… my first time with Don being in the hospital.  I have peace and I know that is from God and because of prayers, for which we are so grateful.  Because of the peace of Christ in our hearts and life, this has been a terrific Tuesday, not a terrifying Tuesday.  God is so faithful and I am so thankful to be a child of the King.

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