Thursday, November 11, 2010

Town Hall Meeting, Airport and Veterans’ Day

Meet Donna and Jim Hall, new park managers.100_4417

Meet Hector, new head of maintenance.100_4427

The town hall meeting was considered a success and hopefully, some good things with come from it.  It is supposed to be a monthly occurrence.

Don and I were going to watch birds, but it was just too windy today, so we went to Penney’s instead.  We found the McAllen airport…. just drove into it.  It’s behind the Plaza Mall.100_4429

Tuesday morning, the Q got a bath and so did the truck.100_4433

Meet Eileen Mayhew who was the M.C. for the Veteran’s Day program.100_4435

All Veterans were recognized as their branch song was played.100_4438

Each Veteran received a flag, a flag magnet and a pin.100_4442

Don get his flag.100_4443

This gentleman touched my heart.100_4444

During the program, four patriotic songs were played as we all reflected on our freedom and the price paid for it.100_4447

Don prayed the opening and closing prayer.100_4449

We are so grateful to all U.S. Veterans everywhere and for those serving presently.  God bless them all.

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