Monday, November 15, 2010

Kris Update:

[Oh how we look forward to these updates as we pray for Kris.  Thank you, Carol, for keeping us in the loop.]

Dearest friends and loved ones,

When folks ask me now how Kris is doing, I’m afraid my heart is not fully equipped for an answer yet.  My faith is certainly 100 percent, and we’re not backing down one iota from all of this, believe me.  It’s just that with this last surgery, the seizure, and some really high doses of pain meds and the anti-seizure med has slowed Kris down just a bit.  She’s much weaker, she’s much more tired, and she’s still fighting an infection.  More meds are needed for that.  Her neurologist here at RIOSA is concerned enough right now to ask all outside visitors to give her some time.  Her husband, Russell, her son, Joshua, and George and I are considered immediate family, of course, and we’re okay.  It’s just hard to keep track of all who visit so we don’t want to take any chances in her weakened condition.  The doctor has ordered more blood tests, a urine test, and some x-rays, and he has increased her anti-seizure medicine.  We ask everyone’s understanding and appreciate it tremendously.  We’ll keep you all informed, especially those out here in San Antonio, and we just ask that you please do come at a later time.

Having said that, a visit from brother, Gary, last week was no doubt a big highlight to Kris, once she was awake enough to know he was here.  He flew out last Monday and left Thursday, the day after we took her back to Health South RIOSA.  His wife, Judy, unfortunately couldn’t come this time and we missed her so much.  How sweet it was, though, when Kris finally came out of the anesthetic completely (which wasn’t for a day or two, really), and recognized her big brother!!!  When she squeezed his hand and smiled at him so sweetly, I thought Gary’s heart would pop!!!  Of course, we can’t deny it filled us with joy as well.  Thank you, Lord, for safe traveling mercies!

Kris did do well once she recovered but, as I mentioned earlier, the whole procedure will be a bit harder to overcome this time.  We know she will!  We have no doubt!  It’s just going to take a little longer.  But, oh, the surgery did go well, and her hair will be growing on the right side of her head now (it couldn’t before!), and her beautiful face is more symmetrical.  And Dr. Teff, the neurosurgeon who operated on her the night of the accident, did an absolutely splendid job this time of correcting some things that needed to be corrected from the September surgery.  We will be eternally grateful to him for his skill, for his caring attitude, and for his willingness to go a little extra on her behalf to see she is cared for properly.  Since Kris still cannot speak, it is so difficult to know what’s really hurting, and that’s when my heart really hurts. 

With all of the problems, however, her humor is back for sure.  She watched Russell and Joshua playing Scrabble yesterday afternoon, and laughed out loud at their antics.  Saturday night was very difficult, however, and she required even more pain meds.  I stayed with her through the night because we just couldn’t bear to leave her alone.  When you consider the incision runs from her forehead to the nape of her neck again and down the right side behind the temple area, you can understand why she has such pain, especially when she yawns.   And, in order to replace a rather large area on the right side of her head that wasn’t healing, Dr. Teff actually loosened the scalp from around her entire head to move the skin over to the right side.  Yes, it is miraculous what can be done these days!  I just can’t imagine it even yet and Dr. Teff explained it in great detail! 

One other side note: we mentioned son, John, a week or so ago in one of the updates.  We said he is doing well since his surgery for melanoma last winter, and he is Cancer free and back to work full time!  All those prayers were heard and, again, God is so good.  Daughter, Stephanie, is now about 27 weeks into her first pregnancy and doing very, very well!!!  This is such a blessing for her and her husband, John, so prayers that her pregnancy continues well are immensely appreciated.  Daughter, Diana, has been sending such strengthening words in notes and cards, and helping with just being there for us on the phone.  She said she’s really learning what it means to “wait upon the Lord!”  She would like to be here with her sister but, of course, she has a fulltime position and a family. 

And, lastly, a dear friend and wife of a retired minister, author and friend, Rev. Dr. John Baggett,  emailed us this week to remind me of some of the uplifting words in her husband’s book, “Times of Tragedy and Moments of Grace.”  The book was a tremendous help to me after losing my mother last November.  Thanks, Diane, for reminding me how much I treasured John’s message and his book.  I need to read it again!  Read Psalm 34:18. 

Gee!  I can’t really think of anything else at this time, so let’s just wish all of you a blessed and healthy Thanksgiving.  May it be filled with love, with fellowship around your table, and with a fulfilling measure of God’s grace to enrich and bless your hearts.  We treasure each and every one of you for the vigil you have decided to keep with us.  Pray on!  God is listening!!!

Blessings and love,

Carol and George 

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