Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snake bite

Please say a prayer for eight year old Wesley Mauk who was bitten by a Copperhead snake yesterday afternoon while his family was setting up a tent campsite at the KOA here in Branson.  Wesley was rushed to the ER and was admitted for overnight observation.  Don and I went to see him yesterday while he was still in the ER.  Doctors were watching the progress of the venom and had not yet administered anti-venom serum, hoping his body would neutralize the poison.  Wesley was bitten on the outside of his left index finger at the joint closest to his thumb and his hand was very swollen. 

We didn't want to stay very long as they wanted him to stay still and quiet, so we prayed with Wesley and left.  He was very calm and his parents were so sweet and appreciative of our visit and prayer.  With his sweet smile, it wouldn't take Wesley long to crawl into your heart.  His dad told us that Wesley was ready to be baptized when they got back home to Ohio.

Today, when we went back to check on Wesley in his hospital room, his parents had stepped out to walk and feed his eight year old Siberian Husky, Alpine, who was staying in their car in the parking garage, out of the heat, we figured.  Wesley was doing well and said he might be released today from the hospital.  His left arm was swollen almost to his elbow, but we weren't sure if the anti-venom serum had been given to him yet.  There's always the possibility of a reaction to the serum.

Thank you for your prayers for Wesley.

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