Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have a right ....

to brag on our Leslie.  She's really been cranking out some beautiful scrapart layouts.  Here's a favorite of mine.  That's Diesel with his Aunt LaNae. Got to love that smile and those big brown eyes!Camden-my-aunt-nae-nae-loves-meI have to show you the love of her life, Khalil (pronounced Kay-lee), our hero who got us tickets to the Springfield Cardinals - Corpus Christie Hooks game in Springfield last Monday night.Khalil-love-of-my-life2  This page was selected by pickleberrypop as their August LO of the month!  If you're interested in learning how to do digital scrap-booking, I will hook you up with Leslie.  Journaling says: "There is nothing like seeing things through your child's eyes and I simply adore how you look at the world with such wonder."Camden wonder

Leslie is trying to get all of Diesel's first year done before he turns two, but she managed to do a few of Pook as well. Emma happy-looks-like And this one Leslie completed just recently after experiencing a few rough days*:  "I had a severely rough past couple of days so I need to remind myself to praise Him."  I love the verse she used ("Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them." Psalm 69:34) and how it encouraged me to "choose now" to praise Him even when times are rough.  Thank you so much for this... it's beautiful, Sweetie!  Worthy of framing and displaying.praise-Him*We're continuing to pray for the sell of their house in Waco so the family can be together in one place, Round Rock, Texas.  It's so difficult living apart and it makes them an easy target for the enemy, but we're PRAISING HIM and trusting Him to work all things out in His timing.  We regularly pray for God to tell satan to sit down, shut-up and get your hands off "MY CHILDREN!"  Amen!

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Well my goodness! Thanks for showing off my stuff!