Saturday, August 23, 2008

comment reply

***update 8/24/08***

A really good friend emailed me:  "I also want to thank you for some of the things you wrote.  I have a Sister in Christ that is having self-esteem issues  and some of the things that you wrote that others have told you are so true.  I have tried to tell her these same things, but I think she felt like I was saying them because I love her.  Now maybe she will see that others are saying the same thing.  I can only hope that they will help her."

Me, too.

Cathy Montgomery wrote a comment:  "Caught up on your blog today. Don't know where my time goes. When are you guys leaving Branson? We will be back there October 11 - so thought we would try to see you then. Have a good week."

We will be leaving Branson the end of September, headed for Coffeyville, Kansas. "Assignment" there starts October 8th.  Wish you could come to Branson during September.  That goes for Bruce and Deann, also.  Since we will be in Kansas, maybe we can still get together before December 23rd.

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