Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/29/08 Friday & 8/30/08 Saturday

Almost Willie was performing at KOA Friday afternoon. He looked almost like Willie Nelson, he sounded almost like Willie, he played an almost Martin guitar, and he rode in an almost Prevost Motorcoach.  He's not even from Texas as he hails from Kansas City, MO, but he is the #1 Willie Nelson impersonator.  He also does a pretty good Johnny Cash.  100_7762100_7764Almost Willie100_7765 Willie Nelson-7.JPGWillie Nelson for real  Willie Nelson

Saturday morning, we went back over to KOA to hear a mini-concert by a lady we had met at the Almost Willie concert.  We sure enjoyed The Soft Sounds of Carol Kline and spent a little time visiting with her and hubby, Love Bucket George.  She sang a beautiful mix of gospel, patriotic and country songs.  100_7766George sang with Carol in a few songs and was such a great compliment to her.  Before we parted, we prayed together with them and she graciously agreed to come back for church the next morning to sing a special for us.  Carol  & George will be singing at the God and Country Theater next Sunday, Sept. 7th, at 4:00 PM.  This is her first time to sing in Branson.  I have to tell you that from across the room, George looked very much like Dr. David Boren, president of the University of Oklahoma.  He also said he'd been accused of looking like Roy Clark.  I can see that, also.100_7769I couldn't help but take this picture of this couple sitting down the way from us.  I love it when retired couples act like they like each other. 100_7770 Well, there was a biker couple that came in for breakfast before the Carol show and I talked to them a little and then followed them outside with my camera.  Audrey had to show me her helmet with the Dora Explorer band-aids on a couple of 'owies'100_7771 Kenny and Audrey Mitt loved to tell about their trips and talk about their bikes. 100_7772 Kenny was quite pleased with the Harley he purchased for Audrey a year ago. 100_7773 Kenny and Audrey were such a nice, friendly couple with sweet spirits.  I told Kenny I really appreciated his 'clean' vocabulary and he grinned and said, "not all bikers are like that."  He readily admitted that God certainly takes care of them.  God's speed to brief acquaintances, Kenny and Audrey.  I hope we meet again.100_7774

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