Friday, November 2, 2012

Date Day Friday- Saguaro Lake

I took 592 pictures today, so you know I have a great day.

We went to a large body of water and rode a boat, so you know Don had a great day.

So, from the beginning, here’s a picture of a house on top of a mountain.  Pretty impressive from the highway.100_4720-001

“<Phoenix” painted on the side of a mountain, just in case you need directions.  Would be handy if you were in an airplane without navigation tools. 100_4723

And then we topped a mountain and saw an amazing vista. Pictures just don’t do the layers of colors justice.100_4728

Furtherest ridge is Four Peaks Mountain where the amethyst mine is operating

Scene after gorgeous scene. 100_4732

Our first sighting of the Salt River.Salt River

The Saguaro Lake is in view and less then thirty minutes from the Q!Saguaro Lake


Don timed our arrival perfectly.  It’s lunch time!100_4753

On the lake side veranda of the restaurant was this very large Saguaro cactus.100_4755

We were a little skeptical about the cuisine, but were pleasantly surprised. I ate a salad that was very pretty and very delicious with smoked turkey and ham cubes. I’m pretty picky about my Italian dressing and theirs was really good.100_4768

We ate on the patio and this was one of our views.100_4769 Just over the patio wall was a scavenger just hanging around and minding her own business.  She enjoyed a few pieces of tossed ham before we left. :-)100_4776 I quickly sketched a close-up of the pretty kitty. (not)100_4777-002

We finished lunch just in time to purchase a ticket and get on the Desert Belle for a leisurely tour down the lake for about ninety minutes.100_4787

Waiting for the boat to get loaded and start moving.IMG_1562

Don is on water = one relaxed, happy camper. IMG_1560

The ducks came to see us off.100_4793

And we’re off! The weather could not have been more perfect for a boat ride.100_4803

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, but I really don’t think that’s possible. 100_4809

We passed a couple of paddle boarders or maybe they were board paddlers.Paddle boarding.

Finally, Don’s gets to see some wild life. There are at least three Big Horn sheep in this picture.100_4826-002

Do you see the sheep hiding behind the bush in the middle of this picture. The whole boat was pretty excited about seeing these Big Horn.100_4827-001


The Four Peaks mountain in the distance is home to an active, producing amethyst mine.Four Peaks Mountain, home of the amethyst mine

Elephant Bridge Rock.Elephant bridge

Ship Rock. Even though there are lights all around it and a flashing light on top, this rock “collides” with a boat about twice a year.  There may be a beer or two involved.100_4850

Saguaro cactus on Saguaro Lake.100_4853-001

Another view of Four Peaks. Four Peaks

Most everyone on this ride rode on the top deck in the rows of chairs up there. Since Don has had a pretty tough week, we decided not to climb the steep stairs and sit on the lower deck in the more comfortable chairs.  I didn’t do much sitting going from window to window to front door taking pictures.100_4868

ATVing here would be fun!!100_4916

Wildlife sighting #2:  See the blue heron?Blue Heron

The granite cliffs and rock formations were just beautiful.100_4942

Wildlife sighting #3:  Another blue heron.100_4960

Saguaro cactus do not start growing “arms” until they are about seventy-five years old.100_4966

Wildlife sighting #4:  Actually, this is the same Big Horn sheep, taken on the return trip, but this time I got a few better pictures. This is a ewe. Her horns aren’t as big as the buck.100_4970 100_4972

Just a dead tree.  Have you met me?100_4975


The ducks came to escort us back to the dock, most likely hoping for a few morsels to be tossed their way.100_5006

Good bye, Desert Belle, you were very kind to us and Captain Mike was a great tour guide.100_5009

Wildlife sighting #5:  On our drive back to the Q, we passed a huge parking lot by a big metal building. Out in the middle of the parking lot in the shade of a tree was a lone wolf, just standing there. Of course, we were a good fifty yards away from him.  After I took his picture, he just laid down.  He looks healthy, but may have been injured.wolf. just standing out in a huge parking lot.

Another view of the big house on top of the mountain.100_5034

Thank You, God, for my wonderful husband who still takes me on the most wonderful dates.  I am so blessed and I am so thankful.


Norm and Lori said...

Just Beautiful. I cannot believe you were that close to a wolf, and amazing to see the Big Horn Sheep! I enjoyed your "Date" also.

Joel and Linda said...

WOW! Beautiful pictures!