Monday, November 12, 2012

Caramel Filled Apples

I haven’t tried this, but found it posted on FaceBook. When I found the site online, I was unable to PinIt to Pinterest, so, you know me… not to be outdone, I’m posting about caramel filled apples on my own blog.

Do you love caramel apples but hate trying to eat them? Try it this way! Hollow out your apples, (you can balance the apple halves in a muffin pan) fill with melted caramel, let the caramel harden and cut into slices! Yummy!caramel filled apples

There’s two big problems with the traditional caramel apple. They’re messy to eat, and once the caramel coating is gone you really have no incentive to keep eating the apple. But with the caramel on the inside, it’s a whole new ballgame that will give you a new appreciation for fruit.

The picture above seems to be using caramel sauce, but I would melt my favorite caramel candies and pour into the cored middle of apple halves then refrigerate the apples for a few hours until the caramel core solidifies.  If you make them before you head to bed tonight you’re guaranteed one amazing apple for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

real candies harden too much..makes a huge mess and not a good idea..tried it and it failed.

LaVon Baker said...

Anonymous, maybe if we cooked the caramel sauce for a little, it would solidify enough to be perfect. Somebody is going to finally get this right. :-)