Friday, November 16, 2012

NoPo to the rescue!

The following pictures would seem to tell the story that our friend, NoPo aka Norm Post, simply attached the light kit to the ceiling fan already in the Q, but that’s not exactly how the story played out.

NoPo attached the light kit to the fan, but nothing happened. No light.  Next he got his trusty meter to test the activity in the wires.  Sure enough there was none.  For only a split second, NoPo was as at loss and then he decided that there was an unconnected set of wires for the light wires to the breaker box.  So he took the blades off the fan and opened the opening to all the wires.  Just as he suspected, the wires for the light fixture needed to be connected to the main wires.  As soon as he did that….Making wires to light fixture "hot"100_5165 Attaching new light kit. 100_5167 Ready for "juice"

Voila!  Let there be light!Voila!! Let there be light!!

This is sure much better than the 12 volt lights.Fan going, again.

Now, when we play games on our drop leaf table or eat a meal at the table, we can see what we’re doing! Oh, wow!  That is so much better than just the 12 volt lights!  Thanks, NoPo!  You rock!!

We are so thankful for friends like NoPo and LoPo.

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Norm and Lori said...

Perseverance! We are so glad that you are enjoying your new lights. See you soon. NoPo & LoPo