Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To Fountain Hills with Debbie

Don decided we should show Debbie something of the area during the short time she is here; she’s never been here.  So, he decided on Fountain Park at Fountain Hills, a community not far from the Q.

A picture of Deb and I as we start our day of sight-seeing.100_5103

I took a few pictures on the way.100_5105 100_5106

We made it to Fountain Hills about lunch time. Is this the famous Fountain Park fountain? One of the tallest fountains in the world? Sure doesn’t look like much to me.100_5109

The U.S. and Arizona flags flying in the breeze.100_5112

Here’s another fountain!  Could this be the fountain we are looking for?  Appears to be just another ornamental water feature, but it’s pretty.100_5113

We decided that the All American Sports Grill looked like a nice place to eat out on their patio on this absolutely gorgeous day.100_5134

From the dining patio, we had a great view of the famous Fountain Hills fountain.  Yes.  That’s it.  We ordered our lunch and waited for the fountain to show off at the top of the hour.  100_5114

Don took another picture of Debbie and I before we started eating.100_5115

Here’s a picture of my Cobb Salad. It’s not nearly as big as it salad

Oh, oh, ohhhhh, the fountain is showing off!! Oh, Wow! That is up there!100_5118

For fifteen or twenty minutes, the fountain rocketed water into the air, so Debbie and I walked across the street to Fountain Park and took more pictures.  I like this one with the Four Peaks in the background100_5128

We appreciate the plaques that honor our country and our founding documents.  100_5130 100_5131-001   100_5135

A life-size brass statue of Abraham Lincoln. 100_5136

The Fountain is still going.100_5132

We finally left Fountain Hills after the fountain finished showing off for the hour.

We headed toward Saguaro Lake.  Here’s another good view of the Four Peaks.100_5144

When we got to the lake, the Desert Belle was returning from a tour.100_5147

Debbie and I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures.100_5151

Debbie taking a picture of the lake.100_5146

I love this picture of Deb with the beautiful lake behind her.


Back at the Q, Debbie and I decided to go down the street for pedicures. Deb said, “My treat!” and I was in the truck!  This little girl, Brooke, was amazing! Best spa pedi I have ever had. I even got the heated stones massage. Thanks, Debbie!  You’re the best!Brooke pedi w Debbie We had a wonderful day and enjoyed relaxing and visiting some more when we got back to the Q.

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