Saturday, November 24, 2012

Memorial for Mr. Weaver

We never knew this gentleman, but were told that he loved to sail. He sure looks the part in this picture. “The Old Man and The Sea” come to mind.a picture of a picture of J.J. & DeWayne Weaver... he looks like the old man in the sea.

Mr. Weaver’s widow asked Don to participate in her late husband’s memorial service today. P1000059

I seem to be partial to a man in a cowboy hat. Must be the Texas cowgirl in me. ;-)  DeWayne Manix Weaver

The memorial service begin with the posting of the Color Guard and presentation of the flag to Mrs. Weaver.P1000060 P1000067 P1000068

Duane sings.Duane singing

Don prays and gives the eulogy written by Mrs. Weaver. Don - eulogy.

(He’s so handsome.) P1000075

Mrs. Weaver’s very good friend spoke, as did a few other of Mr. Weaver’s friends. P1000086

Duane & Claudette sang the Lord’s Prayer. Both have great voices. They will be singing at our Christmas Eve service on Dec. 23rd. I know, that’s Christmas Eve eve.  P1000090

The memorial service ended with the playing of TAPS. Taps

J.J., Mrs. Weaver, loved and thanked Don for his part in the service.Don and J.J. Weaver

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