Friday, March 1, 2013


Darlene is the gal I met at the nail parlor a month or so ago. She has called a couple of times and today, we finally were able to connect at the stable!

Darlene and her four year old, Lilly the filly.Lilly & Darlene 2

Next, I met Brienne, the twenty-four year old lady; part Arabian and part Pure Bred. Bri and I clicked.Bri head shot

Another shot of Lilly. Darlene said she has ridden Lilly, but she’s still working with her.Lilly 2

With Bri’s halter in hand, we head to the  arena for a little free exercise time.halter in hand

Lilly and Bri didn’t waste any time getting their exercise on.Bri free

Bri free-001

Bri loves to run


Darlene & Bri

Lilly & Darlene

Lilly runningLilly

Superstition Mountain makes a beautiful backdrop for the stable.Stable in the shadow of Superstition

The owner of the stable really wasn’t napping, just talking.Stable owner

Next, Bri is ready to be groomed and I got the honor of rubbing her down.Bri gets groomed

Sweet Bri has had a cancer on her nose for about four years.  Darlene puts medication on it almost every day.Bri has nose cancer

Boy, was I relieved to see the step!! Darlene used it to mount Bri to ride her and make sure she would be calm enough for me.Darlene used the step stool

Bri would just snuggle right up to me. She was so sweet.Bri and me 2

The only disappointment of the afternoon: my camera battery was dead! So the only pictures I got were with my cell phone. This is a self-pic, mega close, but I really like it… a lot.Bri and me-002

This is the only documentation that I rode Bri. That’s my hand and I took this picture of her neck and the ground from my seat in the saddle.Up top

I am so grateful to Darlene Manley for inviting me to check off "ride a horse" on my bucket list. I don’t know if I got my horse riding fix or whetted my appetite even more.

I am one happy country girl tonight.

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