Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arizona City time

Today, we had the joyful privilege of meeting with and speaking to the Arizona City Bible study group about the RV ministry we are involved in. For inquiring minds who want to know for sure… yes, Cheryl Cyphers is crocheting as she listens and participates in conversation. I have a slight envy of someone who can multi-task like this. Boo joins John Cartwright for Bible study. Jim Witherspoon is listening to our study leader.P1010114

John Cartwright, Jim Witherspoon, Margie Cartwright, Cheryl Witherspoon and Charlie (I forgot his last name).P1010115

Don, Lori & Norm Post aka LoPo & NoPo, Bob & Jan Thompson.P1010116

Charlie and Pat (I forgot their last name).P1010117

Gary Cyphers.P1010118

After study and prayer time, we enjoyed a wonderful pot luck salad lunch. (What??? No pictures of the food??? I’m slipping.)

Let me set the scene for you:

John Cartwright showed me a tree in their backyard and then pointed to the mama hummingbird sitting on her nest!  We were at a safe distance so as not to frighten her away. The sun was bright and the nest was deep into the tree on a branch so it was shaded and rather dark. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I downloaded today’s picture on my computer and saw this!! P1010120The truth is, I pointed my little “point and shoot” camera and couldn’t even tell if I had the nest in the frame. I just love these kinds of surprises.

Our next stop was Quail Run RV Resort and Snookie and Bob Quinn’s. The last time we saw them was December 5, 2011. Snookie has a friend, Dawn Dukes Lewis. They are FaceBook friends, of course, so now Dawn and I are FaceBook friends! Can you imagine my delight when I found out that Dawn had mailed, to Snookie, these artistic creations she made for me?!? They were made specifically for me by Dawn! What a sweetheart. She has a crazy, mad, incredible talent that she calls doodling. She’s so creative! My doodling has never looked this good. Smile with tongue outP1010122The thing that makes Dawn’s work so amazing is the fact that she struggles and suffers daily with severe fibromyalgia. Some of the Doodle Art she creates is inspired by her pain. For instance, she told me that barbed wire indicates that she’s had a very painful day. Her daughter, Cali, is another inspiration for her and Cali’s name is often hidden in each drawing. It’s so cool to know that I was her inspiration for the piece above. The word “Lone Star” indicates my native state. The Bible open to Romans 8 with Three Nails sticking in the top of it and the “Fish” all speak of my (our) ministry. She wrote on the back that the heart is there because “you have a big one.” But enough about me. Dawn creates at least one of her Doodle Art pieces a day as therapy and she randomly posted one on FaceBook one day and all of her friends said, “You could sell those!!” Which resulted in her posting her creations on Etsy. In just a few days, she has sold SEVEN creations. Each one is an original and she will also create custom Doodle Art for where colors and/or themes are chosen by you.

You can like and share Dawn’s Doodle Art on her FaceBook page:!/Beonecreations

I love this simple reminder to me to “bee” an inspiration everyday. And the ribbons remind me that God’s mercies are new every morning like a river that flows fresh water continuously.P1010124

The next two are the ones Dawn made for…...P1010125

This one is inspired by the time Snookie spent on the beach of Delaware this past summer.P1010126

What a wonderful time we had getting caught up with Bob and Snookie and getting the detailed tour of their new fifth wheel. It’s gorgeous!! We’re already looking forward to seeing them again.P1010127

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