Saturday, August 18, 2012

Michelle DeRusha

Today, a day I have waited for… today, I get to meet Michelle DeRusha in person. 

I found Michelle on The High Calling website.  She’s a writer, she’s a wife, she’s a mother, she’s a Christian.  But of particular importance to me, she is a DeRusha.

Immediately upon finding her on the Web, I contacted her by email and we have been in contact on FaceBook, etc., ever since.  When we knew we were going to be in the Omaha/Lincoln area, she and I made plans to meet in person.  Today was that day!

Michelle arrived at the RV park at 11:00 AM and I met her at the office and after hugs and greetings, I rode with her to the Q.  You can’t tell it, but it was sprinkling rain on us.Michelle is laughing as she walks toward me

What a sweetheart.  She brought me a bouquet of flowers from her garden.  I was amazed that she still has flowers since Nebraska is in a drought along with so many other states.104_0155

We chatted and and chatted. Somewhere in the past, we are certain that our family line comes from the same place.  France? Quebec?  Soon I will research it all and maybe find our origins.  In the meantime, Michelle and I are delighted to have found each other and are just having fun getting to know one another.

It’s a cool and rainy day, so Don made a wonderful pot of hot meatball and veggie soup.  We pulled out our new table and enjoyed a feast of soup and crackers.  Dessert was Baker’s Candy.

All too soon, Michelle had to leave for previously made commitments, so it was time for picture taking.  This was taken outside the Q under the awning to protect us from the rain.104_0156

After Michelle left, I kept saying to Don, “What a doll!” And Don was in total agreement.  What a delightful young lady.  I have been blessed to meet her.

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Norm and Lori said...

What a great opportunity...I see a resemblance. Cannot wait to hear about your family connection. Love you lots, LoPo