Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today is laundry day, so we load our baskets in the truck and drive up to the laundry building.

This is the view from the door of the laundry building.100_2069

On the wall just inside the door.  What?  You will invite bears and skunks?  Bears?What? You will invite bears and skunks. ???

We were impressed with the laundry room here.. eight washers and dryers.What the inside of this RV park laundry building.  It's big with 8 washers and 8 dryers.

There are three recliners in the laundry room!  Don’s a fan.There are 3 recliners in this laundry!  Don likes it. :-)

For a few minutes, I sat in the recliner on the left, but kept imagining a bear coming through the door behind me.I sat in the recliner on the left for a little bit, but I kept imagining a bear walking through that open door.  Don insisted that he would protect me.

So, I moved to the uncomfortable black chair facing the door.So I moved to the black, uncomfortable chair facing the door.

Don is searching the mountains with binoculars for wild life.Don is searching through the binoculars for wildlife in the mountains.

Nothing sited.100_2076

Meanwhile, at the dumpsters!  Seriously??And meanwhile, at the dumpsters.   Seriously?

News tonight on KK11 news, a picture of a bear on the street in a residential area here!  We’re in the woods!


Norm and Lori said...

Lion's and Tiger's and BEARS!!! Oh my! I am with you, I would be facing the door too. Stay safe, and keep an eye out for those bears. said...

You are funny LaVon, did you feel safer in the black chairs? I think I may have put a chair in front of the door myself.. Beautiful scenery there. Have a safe trip...