Saturday, August 25, 2012

Boot Hill (not Tombstone)

Today, I am really feeling the effects of almost 4,000 feet elevation.  But I persevere and we head off to Boot Hill, just a few miles from the park.


Well, this is the reason Don did not get to go UP on Boot Hill.  And by the time I got to the sign, I was breathing heavily.100_1969

What?? I still had more steps to go!! My head is feeling very light.The climb to Boot Hill, Ogallala

It was worth the climb and I took lots of pictures for Don to see, including this very impressive and large sculpture, The Trail Boss.THE TRAIL BOSS by Robert Summers. Represents the Texas Trail.  There is an identical sculpture in Dallas, Texas100_1954100_1956100_1955100_1944100_1946

The fence protects the first graves on Boot Hill… a mother and her baby.100_1947

Mrs. Lillie Miller and Infant.  I guess adding the prefix to her name was more important than adding the date.Mrs. Lillie Miller & Infant (no date)

All the markers are wood and the name and date is carved.PEDRO - Sept 11, 1876

Time to descend back to where Don is reading about the history of Boot Hill.100_1966

Patiently waiting.Don, waiting for me and reading the history of Boot Hill

By this time, my stomach is all queasy and I am feeling really awful.100_1972

The Mansion on the Hill100_1975-001

It’s time to eat lunch and head back to the Q to take something to get rid of this headache.

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Boot Hill looked very interesting!