Monday, August 6, 2012

Mark, Jen & the boys on the farm

We visited Mark, Jen & the boys out at Reeds Spring today.  What a blessing to see how God has provided for them and is bringing their vision to reality.

Mark with one of the bunny’s the boys are raising as a 4-H project.  Mark has been working on the Showboat Branson Belle for several years and is a highly respected employee.Mark with baby bunny

Yours truly with that bundle of fur.100_1588

Jen.  Don’t tell her there’s something she can’t do.  To help fund the farm, she’s a tour bus driver!!  Full-time, she drives a school bus and has quite a ministry with her student passengers.  They love her and so do their parents.Jen & baby bunny

Baby chick.chick

Why does it bother me that they are raising rabbits for food, but it doesn’t bother me that they are raising chickens for the same reason.  Plain and simple.  Rabbits are prettier than chickens.  How sad is that?100_1594

These hens are sitting on a bunch of eggs!hens sitting on eggs

Their forty plus acres goes all the way to the bottom of the hill where there is a water spring.  What a beautiful view.view from the backyard

One of the barns once used on this old dairy. Mark and Jen have amazing plans for this structure, which includes living quarters in the loft.  I would love that!100_1598

The fifty acre beautiful dairy adjoining the farm.  Mark has been asked to manage it.  God provides fresh milk and cheese.the dairy across the acreage

We are surveying the area where the apple orchard will be planted this fall.meeting the donkey

Jen preparing our lunch in her new kitchen in the new house that God provided them.  Amazing house!!

The Rutz boys: Jacob and Dustin. Awesome kids.Jacob & Dustin

Praise ye the LORD!!!

dead tree at Mark & Jen's

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