Monday, November 28, 2011

Trimming the trees

In my opinion, this is what palm trees are supposed to look like.100_0031

But the tree trimmers have been in the park every calm day we have and today is a very calm day, so up the trees they go. It took this guy all of two minutes to cut all the limbs off that you see on the ground.100_0028

Now our tree looks like this. Isn’t that just lovely?  NOT.  Looks sad to me.100_0030

This morning, after doing Walk Away the Pounds and the laundry, we headed out to look at sofas to replace the horribly uncomfortable and broken sofa that came in the Q.  The Q is only three years old and already the sofa and the recliner that came with it need to be replaced.  The sofa never has been my favorite, but we tolerated it until now.  We found one or two at a furniture factory warehouse here at very good prices.  They really want our business.  After we left, we begin to notice that several furniture stores are closed here since last season.  We measured the sofas and came home to talk about it and pray about it.  What we looked at were sofas with recliners on each end to replace both our present sofa and my recliner.  With that thought, there is a challenge.  To our knowledge, only Lazy Boy (too rich for our budget) makes a sofa with detachable back, but this warehouse had two wall-away sofa recliners that have the snap on backs. The detachable back is required to be able to get the sofa through the Q door…. it must be done in two pieces.  You can imagine how delighted we are to have found very nice sofas with detachable backs that aren’t so expensive.Open-mouthed smile

Regardless of what we decide, we had fun today.Thumbs up

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