Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Friday with Friends

Just to emphasize the beauty of the day and the clear blue sky.  Only God could arrange to have half the moon hidden at certain times of the month.  Isn’t that just curiously amazing?100_6581

From the door of the Q showing a lack of neighbors, palm trees and more blue skies.Tip O Tx

Tonight, we prepared dinner (grilled pork loin steaks, baked veggie medley and salad) for CRM General Director, Dennis and Sally Maloney.  It’s wonderful to be back with such good friends.  I’ll just insert here the fact that Sally and I beat Dennis and Don in Spades tonight.  A fact that earned Dennis the name of Whiney Hiney.  When in public, we will respectfully refer to him as W.H.100_6585



Norm and Lori said...

Way to go gals, maybe next time guys. What a wonderful Creator, we have. He made the moon, (nice picture by the way), and everything in the Universe to fit and work perfectly together.

Preussless Pathways said...

so funny - I can just hear Sally saying that!!!!