Friday, November 11, 2011

Fabulous Friday

This was a busy Friday!

Up at 7:30.

Walk Away the Pounds at 8:00.  Walked two miles.

Road bicycle for 1.5 miles.


Moved 26 boxes of 10 hymnals each to be loaded in Dennis’s truck and delivered to another park where there is another CRM chaplain.

Lunch somewhere with a dear friend in the park.  It was a nice little soup, salad, and sandwich place.  I had the Stuffed Avocado with chicken salad. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the name of the place, except I was more interested in visiting with my friend.

After lunch I road with her up to the Edinburg post office to get her passport forms.  Mission unaccomplished.  It’s a holiday.  Well, duh!  We both knew that.

Back at the Q, Don had returned from delivering the hymnals. We rested in our recliners with the door and vents open.  Beautiful day.

Don said that Barbie had come over to see if I would like to walk, so I went over, but Ken said she had just rode off on her bike.  I got on my bike and went looking for her.  I found her in the indoor pool doing water aerobics.  That girl.  We made plans to walk after she got finished.

About 3:30, Barbie called, and we took off walking, for two miles.

I like days like today.

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