Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Camper

If you have been reading my blog very long, you will recognize the name, Snookie.  We are wonderful friends and have been since our first winter in Arizona at Quail Run.

Fast forward to today.

The CAT is out of the bag! I can't believe that Snookie "lived a lie" for MONTHS!!!

Snookie and Bob, came to see us today. They are workamping not far from us and have been here for quite a while and keeping it a secret from us, just so they could surprise us. Well, we sure were surprised today when they drove up!! They will be here in the RGV all winter just minutes from us!!! I'm a happy camper... mad at her for keeping this a secret, but wouldn't expect anything less from Snookie. I'm a happy camper!

I  mean, you would not believe what all she has told me just so we wouldn’t know they are here in the Valley.  You just wouldn’t believe it.  Unless you know Snookie.


Did I mention that I’m a happy camper?100_6596


Norm and Lori said...

Arn't SURPRISES wonderful! Way to go Snookie <:) I know you will all have a wonderful winter there in the RVG. Love you lots and miss you more, LoPo said...

Some people are really devious aren't they LaVon??? Glad you have good friends to share good times with...