Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time with Lydia

It’s so much fun taking three thirteen year olds to breakfast! I called Lydia and invited her and her two friends to had slept over, to breakfast.  It was already 10:30, but they jumped in the truck with pancakes on the Jimmy's Egg 1

They all protested when I said I was going to take their picture, “nooooo, I don’t have on any make-up!” but they smiled anyway like sweet girls.w Keeley & Jayna

Must have been an interesting text message.texting

We enjoyed eating at the new Jimmy’s Egg restaurant in town.

Back at LaNae’s, Lydia posed with one of LaNae’s recent purchases for Fall.with scarecrow

This pumpkin art is really pretty.  Wish I could see what she’s going to do with it.pumpkins

So… Saturday was going along smoothly.  LaNae went to pick up a birthday present and items for a birthday party.  Don went to visit his Aunt Bernice.  I stayed with the seven kids at LaNae’s.  And then it happened.  Marley, big dog, and Tank, little dog, got out of the backyard.  Blaine and friends finally got Tank back in the house, but they couldn’t find Marley.  In a few minutes, the front door bell rang and there was Ronnie, from across the street, holding onto Marley’s collar with the announcement, “Marley’s been hit by a car and I think that’s her coming up the driveway.”  It was her and she was very upset.  Marley is dripping blood in the foyer and it’s pure pandemonium.  Well, to make a long story, short, LaNae came home, took Marley to the vet where it was determined that Marley’s front right leg is shattered just above his foot and will need surgery to insert a plate and screws, to the tune of $1800.  My eyes have rolled back in my head.  Marley broke legMarley is spending the night at the vet and will have surgery Monday.  Poor guy.

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