Friday, April 24, 2015

Victory Journal - Day 5

It's our Date Day.  Friday is typically Date Day for us, so Don has plans for going car shopping (our anniversary is less than two weeks away!) and then dinner out.

I prepared our breakfast. One egg and two pieces of  turkey bacon with a small glass of tomato juice for me.

Next, five straight days of exercising for 33:33 minutes out in the gazebo!! Praise the Lord for all He is doing for me! With the further surrender of "all of me" to Him, He is doing amazing things.  My feet are not hurting like they have been for a long time when I walk. I have had no temptations to eat anything I shouldn't. I meet those thoughts head on and take them captive with God's Word.

Today, I thought I would investigate some definitions of "gluttony."

I found this webpage:

For me, gluttony looked like a person out of control where food was concerned. On a regular basis. I would seem to forget any and all self-control and felt like I could not, should not, would not leave a single morsel on my plate and would often help Don with any french fries he didn't eat on his plate. My post meal thoughts were usually something like, "What just happened to me???"
I went brain dead and started shoveling. Fast.

It may sound like I am really beating myself up over my gluttony, but for me, I find that the sooner I take ownership of my sin, the sooner I can bring it out into the Light.  You know, darkness disappears when the Light is turned on. 
It's always good to remind myself that I am a "new creation" in Christ Jesus.

God is not playing around here, but it's not because He's the big, bad Boss who is waiting to slap my hand. He is teaching me how serious gluttony is, because He Loves Me and He knows what is best for me.  
He's right.
He also does not mean that I should kill myself, but He is saying that I would be better off dead than in bondage to food and the desires of my palate.

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