Thursday, April 23, 2015

Victory Journal - Day 4

Fourth day of exercising for 33:33 minutes and eating right. Just between you and me, I am really sore after adding two pound weight balls to part of my walking time.  I got really hot today and it took awhile to cool down. Old woman.

Still thinking a lot about that "stoning thing" from yesterday's verses: Deuteronomy 21:20-21

I'm not overlooking or glazing over that stubborn and rebellious part, either.  Done my share of that and repenting there, also.  

I'm trying to feel good about: one out of four ain't too bad.  Is it?  I have gotten drunk. I can not lie. But it's been years ago, and I'm over that. I am not a drunk. I'm also not patting myself on the back and I have ask God to forgive me for getting drunk ever in my life.

I think I'm finally getting the seriousness of this "demon" called Gluttony.  No, that's not true. I've known how serious it is for a long time, I just could not get to that place of victory over it.  Let me just tell you.... it involves more than will power. 

It involves coming face to face with Gluttony, calling it what it is, admitting it's control and taking it to the Cross.  Leave it there. 

Leave Gluttony at the Cross.
Shut the door, because it will try to get back in and each time it comes back.... it's stronger than before.

It means calling it what it is....

I am so grateful that Jesus Christ paid for my sins and I won't be stoned.

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