Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday with friends..

P1000824If you remember the last time Don and I went to Joe’s Farm Grill, I took a picture of the huge tree out back and then wondered what kind it was when I got home and posted about our day.  Today, we took Susan and Richard to Joe’s Farm Grill and I asked an employee, “What kind of tree is that?”

“It’s a Tamarisk tree,” he said.


The water standing is irrigation water.


That sign says, “Warning! Please keep off of trees. Danger of falling and scorpions.”P1000815-001The scorpions like living in the trees out here in the desert. Especially the palm trees.

While waiting for our lunch, I visited the ladies room and found a small collection of Barbie, Ken and G.I. Joe dolls memorialized in cases embedded in the wall behind glass. How interesting. There was also a TV in the restroom with a movie playing.Barbie in the restroom IG

Also, while waiting and trying to find out about the Tamarisk tree, we met the three lovely ladies at the table next to us. (I know you are shocked that I would talk to strangers.)  This is Kathy, Fae and Terry.  Kathy and Terry are cousins. Fae is an author and inspirational speaker and we are now friends on FaceBook! (Shocked again?)Kathy, Fae Dun (FB!!) and Terry.  Kathy and Terry are cousins. Fae lives around the corner!  She's an author and inspirational speaker.

Our number was called and Richard and Don went to the window to get our lunch and served us. We do have us a couple of gentlemen servant husbands. So blessed. I took this picture to include our three new friends.Inside Joe's Farm Grill

Fae graciously offered to take our picture.P1000820

How healthy does my lunch look?!?  Grilled wild salmon and asparagus, and a farm fresh spring salad. That huge slice of citrus is a lemon!! My salad dressing was a vinaigrette made with lemon juice… very good!P1000821

Don could not resist their new milk shake flavor: butter pecan caramel! I took a tiny sip and it was so sweet that I declared, “You will never drink all of that!”Don & milk shake IG

He showed me! LOLmilk shake IG

It was a beautiful day for dining outside for some.P1000823

A view of Four Peaks as we make our way to the Queen Creek Olive Mill.P1000825

What do you do while waiting for the tour to begin?  Take pictures, of course.  Susan and I having fun.At Queen Creek Olive Mill about to take the tour

Part of the Queen Creek Olive Mill campus.P1000830P1000831

Tour guide, Cassie, starts with a history of the orchard and mill.Cassie, our tour guide.

Next, we are educated in the ways of Queen Creek Olive Mill processing.P1000832P1000836P1000839

I am convinced that this is the healthiest and best olive oil in the world.P1000842-001

Don cooked fresh green beans from the nearby market and seasoned with chicken stock and bacon olive oil. Yumm yumm.

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Really looks like a great restaurant!