Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bedroom “make-over”

I love our antique store find!2013-2-6 small cabinet

Cutest little cabinet and in “like new” condition, too! That picture beside the cabinet is a 5x7 so that gives you an indication of the size of the cabinet. Just perfect for that space.100_5486

And the best part: price sticker said $10 and was given an additional 20% off at check out!100_5483

While I’m in the bedroom with the camera, will show you our latest improvement. We traded in our king-size mattress for a queen size, cut the base down and Voila’!… we have six more inches on each side of the bed! More room for changing sheets….100_5487

More room to walk on my side of the bed and more room to get into my closet.100_5488

And even though the bed is not any shorter, it seems like we have more space at the foot of the bed.100_5489

We just love our “new” bedroom in the Q.

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