Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God is good.

A friend here in the park posted a gorgeous sunrise picture this morning and I was compelled to get up with my camera and go out and take a look for myself.


Sure enough, the sun was beautiful coming up over the mountain. But I had already missed the pretty oranges and pinks that comes before the sun shows up.


It was glorious, nonetheless, and I was rejoicing in the beauty of God’s watercolor creation as I clicked these few pictures from our door step (in my pj’s).100_5477

A little further north is Superstition peak in the clouds.100_5478

As I completed taking pictures and turned to come back into the Q, I guess Satan was not happy that I was praising God and enjoying the work of His power, so he pushed me and I lost my balance and went stumbling down the steps. But God caught me, steadied me on my feet and I did not fall on the concrete patio. So all the enemy accomplished was more praises to God from me for His love and protection.

Isn’t God good?

All the time!!quote

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