Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nonna’s Journal of Disney World, vicariously

Notice: this post is long and contains many pictures

Dec. 28, 2012

Leslie, running errands, getting ready for their trip to Disney world! (She’s so pretty.)2012-12-28 1 Leslie running errands

Girl’s bag is packed.2012-12-28 2 packed girl

Boy is all packed.2012-12-28 3 packed boy

“Finally fully packed and a semi-clean house to come home to. Time for some shut eye.”~Leslie

Dec. 29, 2012 – Travel Day One

“The sunrise that greeted us as we travel. God sure can paint.”2012-12-29 1 God paints sunrise

List of Camden question so far...
”Mommy, can we eat breakfast?
Mommy, can we be up now?
Can I have your iPad?
Mommy, how do you make socks?
Mommy, how do you say your months in Spanish?
Why did you pack these?”
Going to be a lllloooonnnnggggg trip. ~ Leslie

After a 5:45am wake up call, finally he sleeps...and we experience a bit of quiet.2012-12-29 2 Diesel napping in the car

Keeping it real. This is me on long road trips...well ones I got out of bed at 5:30am for anyway. @pricecheck21(sister) I promise to put a hat on later. :) ~LeslieFullscreen capture 12312012 34249 PM.bmp

  • Tricia Grisham Propes Beautiful inside and out

  • Tammy Watts You look AMAZING compared to how I looked last week...and I wasn't even traveling with children! In my defense, I did take my makeup bag with me in the front of the truck JUST IN CASE we decided to eat in places other than drive thru’s or convenience stores

  • LaVon DeRusha Baker You are beautiful!!

  • Leslie Jones Coltrain – Tammy, the makeup bag is at the ready for the very same reason. Tricia, thank you! And LaVon, you have to say that you're my mama.

  • Michael Price Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet??

  • Leslie Jones Coltrain Michael you're as bad as the kids!

  • Michael Price A kid at heart!!! Be careful!

  • LaVon DeRusha Baker I knew you were going to say that. Being your mama only gives more value to the "you are beautiful" comment.

  • LaVon DeRusha Baker I like your window shade.

  • Georgia Jones Wooten You don't need makeup you look fantastic!

And now my angel girl sleeps...2012-12-29 4 Emma napping in car

Mobile, AL tunnel… Interstate 102012-12-29 5 I-10 Mobile AL tunnel

Eight hours in the car and we just crossed into Florida. Amazes me still that it takes you longer than that to cross Texas. Also, let me take the time to apologize in advance for blowing up your feed with pictures and status updates this week. Big trip for our kiddos. Must document in every way possible. :) ~Leslie

Started before the sun came up and still driving after it set. Sure not much to look at on I-10 in Florida.2012-12-29 6 I-10 FL at night.Arrived safely in Gainesville and checked in hotel. Off in search of food. Just made a dash into Target for a couple for things and got an eyeful. Now those who know me know I'm a breastfeeding advocate and firmly believe in the right to do so in public. But just not real sure how comfortable I would have been walking around Target bare breasted with a baby attached and nursing without bothering to cover up with a blanket. Seriously, it was more of people of Wal-Mart than I thought I'd ever see in real life. ~Leslie

Doing some damage at Satchel's Pizza. This place is straight out of Austin and the pizza is divine!2012-12-29 7 dinner at Satchel's in Gainesville FL

Road weary but so excited for tomorrow to see the looks on the kids’ faces as we begin day 1 at Disneyworld. For now, it's time for me to get some beauty sleep. Two more hours on the road in the morning and then the real fun begins. #onlyonemoresleep ~Leslie

Dec. 30, 2012 – a few more hours to travel…

Think they're ready to go? They were pushing us out the door this morning? #disneyworldherewecome ~Leslie2012-12-30 1 Emma & Camden ready to leave motel

[screen capture! I will not be outdone when it comes to saving pictures of my girls!]  Aviator kind of day ~Les.  I’m so happy for her!Fullscreen capture 12312012 20350 PM.bmp

Guess where we are and what we have squealing with glee in the backseat? ~Leslie  WDW!!2012-12-30 2 Arrived at Disney World

Found Nemo… now waiting to talk with Crush #epcot2012-12-30 3 Diesel & Emma Found Nemo

Agents Coltrain on the hunt for Dufenschmertz Doofinschmirtz #phineasandferb #worldshowcase #epcot ~Leslie.  So serious. Smile2012-12-30 4 Emma & Diesel

Princess Aurora. I love how Camden is almost leaning on Princess A’s leg as if to say, “she loves me.”  The boy is so loved and has no idea that the whole world might not love him.  It’s only because they haven’t met him.  Sweetest smile ever on Emma’s face!2012-12-30 5 Emma, Princess Aurora, Camden

I love my grandchildren to the moon and back, by my girls are still my babies and love that Leslie is experiencing this vacation with her babies and hubby.

I feel like a little girl!!!! #magickingdom #cinderellascastle ~Leslie2012-12-30 6 magic kingdom2Holy smokes I'm in awe! These Disney folks do it up right. ~Leslie2012-12-30 7 magic kingdom

Given that they were both out mere minutes after they got out of the shower, I'd say that today was a raging success. ~Les2012-12-30 Zonked kids

Dec. 31, 2012…

Leslie Jones Coltrain:  Up at 6am. Walking through the gates to Animal Kingdom at 7:45. Rode Everest twice before 8:30. Been on safari and now waiting Finding Nemo The Musical before lunch with Donald & friends at Tusker House. I already feel a nap coming on before we decide what fun we want to have for NYE.

They look pretty bored, huh? #meetingmickey #tuskerhouse ~Les2012-12-31 1 Camden, Mickey & Emma

Mommy's turn with Mickey!!!!!2012-12-31 2 Leslie & Mickey

Pooh, Tigger & Eeyore with Pook & Diesel.2012-12-31 3 disney collage

Daddy embarrassed Eeyore!~Les2012-12-31 4 Khalil & EeyoreEeyore is his favorite! How many minutes did this hug last? Did you have to leave him there?

Pook & Diesel getting a little Donald love!2012-12-31 5 the duck

On the Primeval Whirl2012-12-31 6 on the whirl

New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World…2012-12-31 7 NYE at WDW

  • LaNae Jones Price Soo much stinkin fun!

  • LaVon DeRusha Baker Will you see fireworks?

  • Leslie Jones Coltrain If we're up that late. standing in line for a ride right now but will likely be our last tonight.


  • The baby boy and I waiting to ride The Tower of Terror #mysixyearoldiswaycool ~Leslie2012-12-31 8 Les & Diesel

    Getting closer #longwaitbutworthit ~Les2012-12-31 9 Hollywood The boy apparently loved the ride but not the story. He can't quit telling his sister about it. I asked him if he wants to ride it again and I got no in reply, then he changed his mind. Even seems to have talked his sister into it. We shall see when we come back to Hollywood Studios on Wednesday. For now, we head back to the resort to ring in 2013. ~Leslie

    Happy New Year from the happiest place on Earth! May your 2013 be especially blessed! ~ Leslie

    2013 – Jan. 1

    Pook was one happy princess!2013-1-1 giraffe

    2013-1-1 Ariel

    Cutest pirate EVER...William Hookshot2013-1-1 pirate diesel

    Sweetness x three!2013-1-1 sweetness x 3

    Taking a short break..2012-1-1 Pook resting

    [Wonder who took this picture.] Getting ready for dinner…2013-1-1 Coltrains

    Leslie and Sweet Princess Pookalicious.Fullscreen capture 112013 40140 PM.bmp

    I have the sweetest grandchildren. I love them so.

    Hoping we get a bit of reprieve with the black eyed pea tradition. We promise to eat them when we get home on Saturday. — at "it's a small world". ~Leslie

    Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table...worth every penny!2013-1-1 dinner at the royal Cinderella table.

    Thanks Courtney Eibling and Scott Eibling. Thanks to my two cousins, I was "That Guy" at the Monsters, Inc. laugh floor at the Magic Kingdom. Camden says its because I didn't laugh, but apparently everyone else did (and filled the laugh meter)!!! ~Khalil Coltrain

    Hoping we get a bit of reprieve with the black eyed pea tradition. We promise to eat them when we get home on Saturday. — at "it's a small world". ~Leslie Coltrain

    2013- Jan. 2

    Update: You have 38 "Disney Trip" pictures posted on your Instagram. Instagram is now experiencing Disney technical difficulties. ~LaNae Price

    She did it! A few tears but all smiles now after riding the Tower of Terror. ~Les

    Nonni’s heroine!2013-1-2 1 she did it

    This one is just for Kitty…2013-1-2 2 Cars & kidsPoppa Doppey said, “Awright! Mater!”

    Instagram update: Instagram would like to thank you for your patience while we addressed the Disney technical difficulties. On behalf of Instagram, we would like to thank you for using us to showcase how much fun you are having at Disney World. We would also like to inform you that we forgive you for causing this minor technical difficulty due to the fact that you have the cutest kids on the planet! Warmest Regards, Instagram Followers. ~LaNae Price

    Cousins, waiting on a bus. (Diesel always seems to be surrounded by girls.)2013-1-2 3 waiting on bus with cousins

    2013, Jan. 3

    Last day at Disney. Spending it at Epcot. In line for Test Track.2013-1-3 last day at WDW Diese & Pook

    A little snack as we wait for Mission: Space2013-1-3 Diesel snacking waiting for Mission

    Lunchtime entertainment2013-1-3 cousins

    I think Camden's in love.2013-1-3 I think Camden is in love

    A spoon full of sugar...2013-1-3 A spoon ful of sugar Mary Poppins
    Our very own Grumpy2013-1-3 Khalil, our very own Grumpy
    So yeah we're on the Nemo ride at Epcot and are currently stopped for the 3rd time. Been on this ride for 45 minutes now and they come to say they are experiencing technical difficulties. Uh, ya think? We're discussing how we are now 20 minutes late for our dinner reservations when the music to the ride stops playing. From two clam shells over where our Diesel is sitting we here, "now that's some technical difficulty." Leave it to Camden to bring some levity. ~Leslie

    2013, Jan. 4 -

    Your FB and IG feeds can now go back to normal. We are leaving Orlando exhausted but with two very happy kiddos. Thank you to Khalil for handling most of the planning with Cindy Minor. It was a most excellent trip!


    My loves. ~Leslie2013-1-4 Lunch at Steak & Shake

    Photo cred to Camden. It’s in the genes!!2013-1-4 photo cred to Camden



  • How my children are entertaining themselves at the moment. Covering each other in pillows and stuffed animals in the backseat. Whatever works.~Leslie2013-1-4 stuffed animals


    Praying friends, please say a prayer for Leslie Jones & Khalil Coltrain as they are driving all night from Florida to Houston. I need to know others are praying for them.

    Likes: Jo Ann Hansen Patterson, Martha Mixon DeRusha, Tom DeRusha,

    Peggy Bullock, John N Judy Long, Trevor Butler, Jo Ann Hansen Patterson, Mike Napier, JoNell Baker, Robin Deaver Bateman, Jimmy Burnett, Shonda Butler Ragsdale, Claudia Gathercole,
    Bettye Williams Freels, Tom DeRusha, Liz Otto Girten, Diana Davis, Andrea North Brantley, Martha Mixon DeRusha, Kellie Taylor Green, Mandy Wade McDonald

    Cynthia Winegard: Praying.

    Jimmy Burnett: Praying!

    Susan Boyanton: I'm there for you, girlie.

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: Thank you all so much for praying a hedge of protection around them... in the name of Jesus.

    Susan Boyanton: How long will it take them?

    Melanie Freeman Perez: Praying, LaVon.

    Susan Boyanton: More precisely, what time should they arrive?

    Jean Dimpfl: Praying for your two loved ones. God will keep them in the palm of his hand. You just gotta believe.

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: In the morning. Not sure what time they left this morning, but it's about a 16 hour drive.

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: I do, Jean. I just understand that spiritual battle that we're all in and we need the prayers of each other. Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend.

    Susan Boyanton: Been there, done that many times. Praying for protection and stamina.

    Kathy Farmer Lane: done!!!

    Jean Dimpfl: I have a son who is out is on the lonely dark road 5 night a week. He's home tonight and tomorrow night so I will sleep better. Prayer and faith keeps me going.

    DeAnn Hoover: You have it friend. Praying for their protection and safety.

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: Thanks DeAnn!

    Rita Bigley Knight-Shaw: for sure LaVon........hard drive for sure.......

    Kenneth Gene Bufton: Praying!!!!

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: It sure is, Rita! Thank you, Kitty.

    Leslie Jones Coltrain: Thanks Mama and everyone else, too. It means a lot. Refueling in Hammond, LA and rolling on.

    LaVon DeRusha Baker: Thank you, baby, so much for the update. Was wondering where you are, but didn't want to text in case you were sleeping.

    Kenneth Gene Bufton: Let Camden drive!!!!

    Rita Bigley Knight-Shaw: May the Angels of the highway sit on your shoulders all night long Les.............

    Peggy Bullock: You've got them!!

    Gayle Callaway Bounds: Praying, Praying for God's had of protection every inch of the way.....

    Ralph Rousch: In Jesus name we pray for a safe trip, may his hand be on the wheel and guide them home. this we all pray...AMEN

    Debbie Johannessen: Praying for the kids Lavon!

    Tammy DeRusha Circeo: On it! And following on instagram and fb!

    Crossing the mighty Mississippi.2013-1-4 crossing the mighty Mississppi

    2:40 A.M.

    “Pulling into the driveway.” ~ Leslie

    Praise the Lord. Now I will sleep.  Good night and God bless. Disney World sure has been fun!

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