Monday, September 24, 2012

OK! Here we go!! !! !!

I’ve taken “BEFORE” pictures.

I’ve recorded my measurements and in the morning, I will weigh.

Today, my “Take Shape For Life” meals arrived!!  I’m so excited! Got all the tops removed, so I can just reach in and pull out a meal.9242012 - LAVON - BEFORE-001

With my smart phone, I took pictures of my “stash” and sent them to my Coach Carolyn in Oregon. She said that was a first for her; had never received pictures of food already in the pantry, from anyone before.

I am so ready to do this. So ready to get back where I was last year and better.

As I said before, I have taken “before” pictures and I will save them to share with you “after.”

Here we go, prayer buddies!  Hang on!

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