Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kris update: More hope and good news!

Dearest loved ones and great friends!

A long overdue update, but one filled with more hope and more good news!!!  The attached photo shows Kris looking at us looking at her!  How neat is that?!!!  And it is such a blessing to me... to us... to be able to “visit” with her on a daily basis.  I snapped this photo as George and I were Skyping with her one evening last week, and I just had to send this out.  Isn’t technology grand?!!!!

Kris looks wonderful!  That’s all I can say.  She is so busy and so on the go, and we are ecstatic.  CORE’s caring people treat her like a person, not a patient.  I believe I mentioned before that she has a standing appointment at a salon to have her hair cut, she goes to church, she goes to the nearby gym where CORE has a working agreement to bring their folks, she gets tremendous therapy every day, and she went horseback riding one day last week.  No doubt it is a therapeutic riding program which, being an old horse lover and having had horses at one time, I fully agree with and support.  Kris was trying very hard to explain that she went horseback riding “like she used to do.”  I just praise God for all the efforts and the care at CORE!!!

But there is more!  While Skyping with Kris one evening a week or so ago, she seemed to be trying so hard to tell me something.  I asked the care person with her at the time what she had been doing that day, and the young lady said she had been in speech therapy for quite a while.  Kris was really trying to form words.  I then asked Kris if she could say “that word” I’ve so been wanting to hear and, after working a bit to form the word, she said “Mom” – not once, but twice!!!  Sitting here in the seat in front of the computer, we both just shed tears of such joy! There are moments... and then there are moments!!!

Kris’s days of being tired and a little down still do happen, but I believe they are less and less.  This past Saturday, the facility offered a trip down to San Antonio (remember she is west of Austin now) to go to the Texas Cultural Institute, a museum.  Kris went along.  Remember, Kris is still fed by PEG tube, but that isn’t stopping her one bit.  She has been bowling and goes to the movies with the group, and generally doesn’t seem to be missing any of the outings at all.  And that tells me Kris is truly becoming her own person again, truly working very, very hard to have her own life back regardless of the wheelchair, the PEG-tube, or any of her present physical limitations.  They are just a nuisance right now to be overcome, and overcome them she will!!!

As for George and I, we have so thoroughly enjoyed get-togethers and visits with the rest of our children, grandchildren, family and friends here in Pennsylvania.  And our concert tour has been so blessed.  We’ve actually been able to add two gospel concerts to our already full schedule before we return to Florida in mid October. 

The first full week of October, however, was left open... until recently!  I kept it that way for a reason and, after praying this would work out, have just booked my airline reservation to fly to Austin, Texas on October 2nd!!!  I’ll spend a wonderful week with Kris and hope to visit some of the places with her that she’s been frequenting: bowling, the gym, horseback riding, etc.  But I also want to spend a “girls day out” with her, shopping and just doing what mom and daughter love to do: hang out!  I understand the care person must always go along, but that’s okay with me.  From what I’ve seen, they’re all great gals and love Kris very much! 

As always, though, please continue to keep Kris in your prayers.  And I’d like to ask a special for prayer for our grandson, Tyler, who just left for more in-depth training with the National Guard before being sent... somewhere.  With trouble brewing in so many places in the Middle East, Kuwait seems to be just the starting point.  Pray for him, and all of our military, and please pray for this country!

“Hope is a seed God plants in our hearts to remind us there are better things ahead!” I don’t know who said that or penned it, but it is worthy of hanging on to and sharing it with others.  So... there it is!  There is “more hope and good news” ahead, dear praying friends and loved ones, and I do not doubt that for one minute.  I am reassured every day by happenings, events, prayers being answered, and God’s peace over all. 

Blessings and much, much love,

Carol and George 

[I apologize for the absence of Kris’s picture. Will add it soon. She looks great!!]

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