Saturday, July 7, 2012

BBQ Cook-Off

There are advantages to being parked on the perimeter of the county fairgrounds parking lot.  Today, we witnessed a BBQ cook-off.

Contestants are cutting their ribs to present to the judges.100_1305

Local media interviewed the organizer of the cook-off and one of the judges.100_1306

The ribs are ready!!100_1307


On our way to the BBQ judging, we walked through the flea market area.  Saturday and Wednesdays are flea market and farmer’s market days.100_1309

This judge intrigued me with his large hat.100_1314

Five of the panel of six judges.  The organizer invited Don and I to also be judges, but we declined.  Well, Don declined and I followed suit. Who me?100_1315

I took quite a few pictures of this gentleman and finally got the one I like.100_1316

And the judging begins.100_1318100_1321100_1322

The judges were instructed to take one bite from the center of each rib.  Between each rib, they are to eat a few crackers and take a drink of water to clear the palate for the next rib.100_1325100_1330

The trophy is hand crafted.100_1335

I am not a very good reporter.  I didn’t get the name of the BBQ cook-off organizer or any of the judges.100_1336

I did, however, catch the name of the winner… Wayne.100_1339

After the judging, anyone present was invited to enjoy free BBQ ribs.  Yay!!  Time to eat!  There was one that was my favorite, but I think it won 2nd place.100_1340

On our way back through the flea market, this “work of art” caught my eye.  100_1342

Confused smile   Open-mouthed smile

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