Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“I need your prayers.”

Recently, I sheepishly posted a request to a private FaceBook prayer group that I am a member of… “I need your prayers.”
      I didn’t want to say why I needed prayers, but I am so grateful that I listened to the whisper of God and asked for help. God wants to involve as many as He can in answering our prayers because it grows our faith, it’s good for us and He is for us. When His family prays together, this brings glory to Him. 
      I am happy to report that within a day, the depression I was feeling was gone.  I knew it was an attack of the enemy and I could feel my perspective “floating out to sea.”  I could feel the waves crashing in around me and I just could not seem to get my mind off of myself.  To be honest, I wanted to go Home.  Heaven is such a sweet thought to me and I wanted to be there, now. I wanted to be rid of this old world and all of it’s wickedness and pain.  Do you hear all the “I’s?”  But what I need to do is be here now until it is God’s perfect time for me to come to Him.  I need to focus on Jesus and who He wants me to encourage and share His love with. 
     So I asked for help.  Help came.
     Prayer partners are so vital to the family of God.  More and more as Satan’s end draws closer and closer, he is battling God’s children with no holds barred.  But greater is He Who is in us than he that is in this world!
     I can not say Thank You enough to the prayer partners who prayed for me. 
     So we put on our full armor and ask His blessing to lead us to the Divine Appointments He has for us today. 
    “Father, where are You at work?  Let me join You there.”

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